Are you A Theist?


I never understood Atheists.

They claim to not believe in any gods.

Yet their name says they do.

I was a Buddhist until I proved God in 1995.



So I am now A Theist.

That means literally I believe in God(s).

After all, my Creator Formula is the proof of a Creator.


Now Anti-Theists would mean to not believe in the gods…



Sites that Prove God


Computer Universe Theory

Proof of Design to our Universe


Theory E

Everything you know is Wrong


Mandela Effects

Proof a higher power is manipulating reality


Messiah Erased

Messiah Supernaturaly Erased from Bibles


Pentagram of Blood

Evil is Programmed


Origin of God

Who created our God Stories?


Creator Formula

Proof of GOD



The Lord of Light Music



Gods Prophet walks the Earth


Temple of Hayah

Everyone is God